Oil Drilling Grade carboxymethyl cellulose

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is an essential component in oil drilling operations, providing crucial support to drilling fluids. As a leading manufacturer of Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose, our factory specializes in the production of high-quality CMC that enhances the viscosity and stability of drilling muds. Our products ensure the integrity of boreholes, optimize the removal of drill cuttings, and help in controlling fluid loss. With state-of-the-art facilities and a stringent quality control system, we are committed to delivering CMC that meets the rigorous demands of the oil drilling industry, ensuring smooth operations and the safety of drilling personnel. Our technical expertise and consistent supply chain make us a reliable partner in your drilling endeavors.

Oil Drilling Grade carboxymethyl cellulose

As a premier manufacturer of Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), we stand at the forefront of the industry with a robust supply capability. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced machinery and a dedicated R&D team that ensures high-quality production consistent with international standards.

With a strategic location that facilitates efficient logistics, we guarantee prompt delivery and seamless supply chain management to meet the dynamic needs of our global clientele. Our production scalability allows us to handle bulk orders while maintaining strict quality control measures.

We are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, ensuring that our manufacturing processes not only meet but exceed environmental regulations. Partnering with us ensures a reliable supply of superior-grade CMC, tailored customer service, and competitive pricing that empowers your oil drilling operations.

Oil Drilling Grade CMC FEATURES

Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is an indispensable additive engineered to enhance the performance of drilling fluids. Our CMC exhibits exceptional viscosity and filtration control, making it crucial for maintaining the integrity of the borehole. Its high purity and thermal stability ensure that it withstands the demanding conditions of drilling operations.

The product’s superior fluid loss reduction capacity minimizes environmental impact by preventing unnecessary seepage. With its excellent rheological properties, our CMC ensures that drilling fluids achieve optimal flow, reducing the risk of wellbore instability. It also aids in the suspension of drill cuttings, enhancing the efficiency of the drilling process.

Our Oil Drilling Grade CMC is designed for rapid dispersion, ensuring quick and uniform mixing. It is compatible with a variety of brine systems, which offers versatility in different drilling scenarios. Choosing our CMC translates to smoother operations and cost-effectiveness, making it a smart choice for drilling professionals.

Viscosity and Mud Performance

Our Oil Drilling Grade CMC is tailored to provide exceptional viscosity, which is crucial for the drilling mud's performance. The right viscosity ensures the mud can carry drill cuttings to the surface efficiently, reducing the risk of clogging. Furthermore, it helps in maintaining the mud's thickness, even under high temperatures and shear conditions found deep within wells, ensuring consistent performance throughout the drilling process.

Thermal Stability and Salt Resistance

The thermal stability of our CMC stands out as it retains its properties under extreme temperatures that are commonly encountered in drilling operations. This stability is paired with excellent salt resistance, meaning it performs reliably in various saline environments, including freshwater, seawater, and saturated saltwater mud systems. Such resilience ensures the integrity of the drilling fluid over time, providing a consistent aid in complex drilling situations.

Fluid Loss Control

Controlling fluid loss is paramount in drilling operations, and our CMC excels in this aspect. It forms a thin, yet robust, low-permeability filter cake on the wellbore walls, which minimizes fluid loss into the surrounding formations. This feature is vital for preventing the reduction of hydrostatic pressure, which can lead to wellbore collapses or dangerous blowouts. Consequently, it enhances operational safety and reduces the environmental footprint of drilling activities by mitigating the contamination risks.

Rapid Dispersion and Compatibility

Designed for rapid dispersion, our Oil Drilling Grade CMC allows for quick and homogeneous mixing within the drilling fluid. This rapid integration is essential for operations that demand swift preparation of drilling mud. Our CMC is also compatible with a wide array of additives, reducing potential delays from incompatibility issues. This flexibility ensures that drilling operations can be tailored to specific geological conditions, optimizing performance and reducing operational downtime.


Our Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is formulated to meet rigorous industry specifications. With a purity level exceeding 95%, it delivers consistent performance in diverse drilling conditions. The product’s viscosity ranges from 600 to 2000 mPa.s at 1% concentration in water, ensuring customizable fluidity for various drilling requirements. It boasts a filtration volume less than 10 mL, which significantly reduces fluid loss. Our CMC’s pH value is maintained between 7 to 9, providing stability in both acidic and basic environments. This specification ensures that our CMC is not only reliable but also adaptable, offering optimal performance for efficient and safe drilling operations.

Degree of substitution0.8%min0.8%min0.65%min0.8%min0.8%min
Filtration loss/M3 (Fresh water)00000
Filtration loss/M3 (4%Saline water)00000
Filtration loss/M3(Saturated Saline water)0.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT100.9%NMT10
Bulk density370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l370-420g/l
pH  7-97-97-9
Viscometer value recording 600r/min(Fresh water)3%solution NMT903%solution NMT900.6 solution NMT 900.6 solution NMT 800.6 solution NMT 30
Viscometer value recording 600r/min
(4%Saline water)
00_______0.8%solution NMT 900.8%solution NMT 90
Viscometer value recording 600r/min(Saturated Saline water)00_______0.7%solution NMT 1000.7%solution NMT 30

Oil Drilling Grade carboxymethyl cellulose applications

Oil drilling grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is a crucial additive in the petroleum industry, enhancing drilling and completion fluids’ performance. In drilling fluids, CMC improves debris carrying capabilities, stabilizes well walls, and controls fluid viscosity, crucial for maintaining borehole integrity. For completion fluids, it optimizes flow properties, reduces fluid loss, and supports fracture operations by increasing fluid viscosity to transport proppants effectively. Its excellent salt resistance makes it ideal for varied geological conditions, ensuring efficient and environmentally safe drilling operations.

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) in oil drilling

The Applications Of CMC In Oil Drilling Fluids

  • Non-Dispersed Systems:Strong carrying capacity for debris, inhibits the dispersion of clay, reduces the rate of clay slurry, stabilizes the wellbore, and effectively increases drilling speed.
  • Dispersed Systems:Good suspension capability, contains more solid phase, significantly increasing the stability of particles; most suitable for formulating high-density drilling fluids, adjusting the rheology of drilling fluids; forms a dense, high-quality mud cake in the drilling fluid. It also has a good effect in reducing fluid loss and free water.
  • Calcium-Treated Drilling Fluids:Good resistance to calcium, prevents excessive flocculation of clay particles caused by calcium ions, keeps the drilling fluid in a flocculated state, maintains stable solid content and rheology, and provides good resistance to calcium. Consequently, the performance is stable.
  • Saltwater Drilling Fluids, Seawater Drilling Fluids, Saturated Saltwater Drilling Fluids:Low sensitivity to salt, strong resistance to salt, calcium, and magnesium, can be used as a rheology modifier. Quickly adjusts the rheology of drilling fluids at low dosages. It also rapidly carries cuttings and maintains a low solid content, improving drilling speed. Used as a fluid loss reducer, it forms a dense mud cake, and since the filtrate from the cake filtration is very close to the original water of the formation, the damage to the oil and gas layer is minimal.
  • Potassium-Based Drilling Fluids:Low sensitivity to potassium, calcium, and magnesium salts; quickly and efficiently adjusts the rheology of drilling fluids. Besides having a good fluid loss reduction effect, it also has the ability to clear cuttings and drill bits, and it is notably effective for drill bits that are prone to clogging in the formation.
  • Low Solid Phase Drilling Fluids:Quickly and effectively adjusts the rheology of drilling fluids, excellent suspension capability, timely and effectively clears cuttings, maintains low solid content, increases drilling speed, stabilizes wellbore, and has a good fluid loss reduction effect.
  • Environmentally Friendly Drilling Fluids:The product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, odorless, and biodegradable. It is not prone to decay during use. Due to the low maintenance cost of the drilling fluid, the health and safety of construction personnel are ensured. It meets the requirements of various complex geological conditions without harming agricultural production.

Applications of CMC in Completion Fluids

  • In Cementing Fluids:Enhances the flowability of cementing fluids, providing appropriate initial viscosity and lower fluid loss, while also protecting the wellbore by preventing liquid from entering pores and fractures.
  • As a Filling Fluid:Adjusts the fluidity, thixotropy, and suspension of solids in the fluid. Due to the product’s good salt resistance (especially to monovalent metal ions), it is particularly effective when used in clean saltwater packing fluids.
  • In Fracturing Fluids:Rapidly increases the viscosity of fracturing fluids to carry proppants into well fractures, building permeable channels, quickly reducing fluid loss, and thereby rapidly increasing formation pressure to achieve the effect of pressure transmission. It leaves no residue, does not harm the matrix, and can replace guar gum.
  • PAC-HVC for Clean Fracturing Fluids:Used in clean fracturing fluids, it requires a low dosage and reduces fluid loss. It has good salt resistance and temperature resistance. It is water-soluble with no residue, does not harm the base surface, has high pumpability, and provides significant friction, bringing power together with the proppant.

Special Function Products

  • Granulated Products:Improves working conditions by reducing dust, dissolves quickly, and enhances construction efficiency.
  • Instant Soluble Products:Can disperse and dissolve quickly in water, making it more convenient and simple to use in harsh drilling environments. It increases the efficiency of cement slurry preparation and requires less from construction equipment.
  • Products for Special Applications:Exhibits superior fluid loss reduction performance in complex working conditions and when used in small quantities.


Background: A premier Oil Drilling Grade CMC manufacturer, specializing in high-quality cellulose-based products, partnered with one of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent petroleum companies. Our client sought an efficient and cost-effective solution to enhance the viscosity and stability of their drilling fluids, a critical component in the complex process of oil extraction.

Challenge: The Saudi Arabian petroleum company faced a series of operational challenges in their drilling operations, primarily due to the harsh desert environment and extreme temperatures. Their existing drilling mud additives were underperforming, leading to decreased efficiency and increased costs. The client required a product that could withstand the demanding conditions and improve the performance of their drilling fluids.

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) in oil drilling

Solution: Our factory provided a bespoke formulation of Oil Drilling Grade CMC, designed to meet the unique needs of the client. Our CMC product, known for its exceptional thickening and stabilizing properties, was tailored to maintain high performance under extreme conditions. It offered superior thermal stability, salt resistance, and reduced fluid loss, crucial for the client’s drilling operations.

Implementation: We conducted a comprehensive series of collaborative tests with the client to ensure the product met their stringent specific requirements. Upon successful extensive trials, we established a streamlined efficient supply chain process that allowed for timely and consistent reliable delivery of our Oil Drilling Grade CMC to the client’s multiple strategic extraction sites across Saudi Arabia.

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) in oil drilling

Results: The implementation of our specialized CMC led to a marked improvement in the drilling fluid’s performance. The client reported a significant reduction in operational disruptions caused by fluid loss and an increase in the efficiency of their drilling process. Furthermore, our product proved to be cost-effective, lowering the overall expenses associated with the drilling fluids.

Client Testimonial: “The introduction of the Oil Drilling Grade CMC from the factory has transformed our drilling operations. We’ve seen a tangible improvement in the stability and efficiency of our drilling fluids, which has led to cost savings and an increase in production. Their team’s expertise and tailored approach have made them an invaluable partner in our ongoing success.” – Senior Operations Manager, Saudi Arabian Petroleum Company

Oil Drilling Grade carboxymethyl cellulose faq

Oil Drilling Grade Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is a specialized product used extensively in the oil drilling industry. As a leading manufacturer, we prioritize the production of high-quality CMC that meets the rigorous demands of drilling operations. Our FAQs provide comprehensive insights into the product’s unique properties, such as viscosity and thermal stability, which contribute to efficient drilling and soil stabilization. We address common queries on usage instructions, storage conditions, and compatibility with other drilling fluids. Our commitment is to support clients with detailed product knowledge to enhance their drilling processes.

CMC increases the viscosity of drilling fluids, which improves the suspension of solids, reduces fluid loss, and enhances the overall performance of drilling operations.

Our CMC is designed to be compatible with a wide range of drilling fluids, including water-based and oil-based mud systems. However, compatibility tests are recommended for specific fluid systems.

It should be stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep the packaging sealed when not in use to maintain its quality and effectiveness.

Yes, our Oil Drilling Grade CMC is suitable for both onshore and offshore drilling, providing the necessary rheological properties for efficient drilling in various environments.

Our CMC is engineered to withstand a range of temperatures. However, extreme temperatures may affect its viscosity, so we recommend consulting the product specifications for optimal performance ranges.

Our CMC is formulated to be an environmentally friendly option, with biodegradable components that minimize the ecological footprint of drilling activities.

Quality control is central to our production process, from raw material selection to manufacturing. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our CMC meets all industry standards.

Our CMC is certified to meet various industry standards, including ISO and API specifications. Details on specific certifications can be provided upon request.

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive technical support to assist with the integration of our CMC into complex drilling operations and to address any challenges that may arise.

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